Linda MacNeil Sculptural jewelry in glass and metal

Elements Series

Studies of traditions within the history of jewelry making inspired me to begin this series of necklaces, which are based on classic arrangements of components that hang connected around the neck. I have been equally inspired by materials, especially plate glass and gold tubing or sheet stock, which are commonplace yet they have extraordinary character that enhances my compositions.

I intend to create a free flowing orbit of elements, using form and color to emphasize the contrast within the geometry of each design. The methods of attachment have become a texture, made obvious, in subtle of sometimes prominent ways. Often the practicality of function influences my approach, as I find solutions to the connections and consider the way a necklace moves on the body.

Having established this working format, I build different looking necklaces using a similar technical approach. As I compose with forms, colors, and textures, of the plate, I am free to invent each piece through the working process. I draw; I cut metal and glass with abrasive wheels and saws. I file and drill parts until all sections fit together. It is as much an aesthetic process as it is pure work to arrive at a finished necklace.

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Elements series piece