Linda MacNeil Sculptural jewelry in glass and metal

Floral Series

The inspiration for the “Floral” necklaces comes from observing the fantastic ways of nature.  I believe that plant life and the natural world contain the ultimate perfection of design and function.

A pod or a flower in full bloom is an irresistible beginning for a jewelry design. Nature has already mastered the mechanics.  My challenge is to interpret the plant and to make a piece of jewelry.  What is so interesting to me is that plant life can be extremely complex and feminine and also be simple and quite masculine.  The color of plants is also inspiring, and I have responded to nature in many of my glass color combinations.

This series is similar in materials and techniques to other series which I have made.  I maintain a collection of glass which comes from numerous sources.  The variety of colors and forms in which I find suggest possibilities to me for its use.  I cut and shape the glass with machinery and finish the surfaces by hand polishing or acid polishing.  Cutting, filing and soldering in a traditional hand-worked manner refines the metal sheet, rod and castings that I use.  Most of this series is made from brass and silver which is plated with 24k gold. A few of the pieces are made of solid gold.

The wearability of my necklaces is of major concern for me as well as the wearer.  The scale of the pendants very quite a bit to coincide with the variety of women wearing the jewelry.  The floral necklaces lay around the neck in a flowing chain that relates to the pendant.  Some pendants separate from their chains to become brooches.  Often I will make earrings to accompany the necklaces because I like the wearer to have a complete look within the style I have established when she is wearing my art.

I am certainly not the first artist to interpret nature.  Nature as a subject goes back to the origins of art from cave paintings to stone venues.  I am greatly influenced by Rene Lalique’s jewelry, especially ancient Egyptian art to art nouveau and the art deco periods.  My challenge is to make jewelry that is significant and completely my own.  Only time will tell.


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