Linda MacNeil Sculptural jewelry in glass and metal

Mesh Series

The ”Mesh” necklace concept evolved from my earlier necklaces based on assembled elements and the collar form.  “Mesh” is a title I have given to a manufactured chain of fine brass screening, which has been rolled into a hollow tube.  The tube of mesh is flexible, and the ends are capped to receive the catch.  I began using this “Mesh” chain with glass and metal pendants in 1995.

My intent is for the pendant to be the focal point with the chain providing a simple but elegant means of presentation.  Focus on the pendant has freed up my attitude in two ways; one, by not being bound to such a labor intensive complicated task as I had in the Elements Series and, two, letting go of the notion that the use of commercial chain was inappropriate for my work.  By designing a simpler necklace I can develop and execute more ideas.

The wearability is extremely important to the owners of my necklaces.  I find this very challenging because I am creating jewelry that I intend to be important artistically as well as user-friendly.  In the art jewelry community it is quite customary to create pieces which are deliberately unwearable.  Although this opens up endless possibilities for form and style, the concept of making a work of art, which is comfortable on the body, is more interesting to me.  I continue to find solutions to this self-assigned problem, and am developing ideas in several directions which are derived from the “Mesh” necklaces.

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Mesh series pendant