Linda MacNeil Sculptural jewelry in glass and metal

Nexus Series

Nexus, meaning the connections of separate individual parts in a continual line, is the theme of this series of necklaces.  The individual lines are designed in response to the form of the major elements of the composition.

A major element could be a larger form such as a pendant or it could be a repeated form connected to a number of links around the necklace.  The linking elements are comprised of basic geometric forms, and the rhythm of the connected line is determined by the geometry of the linked design.

Materials and techniques have also inspired me in the designs for this series.  I have collected various types of glass in a broad palette of colors.  Although the glass is intended for blowing, casting or optical lens making, I transform each to my own use because of its particular properties.  Working with numerous machines, I cut and shape the glass and finish the surfaces off either by hand polishing to a high gloss or by satin acid polishing.  The metal parts are created from sheet and bar stock that comes from industrial suppliers.  I fabricate an original form which I intend to be cast in multiples for the connecting lines.  Other forms are fabricated as a single piece which becomes a central element of the necklace.  I work often in brass and silver which is plated with 24k gold.  Some of my pieces are made directly in silver and gold.

My first step in the process of creation is drawing, which leads to cutting and shaping the metal and glass.  Although I follow the drawing, I often adjust the design in reaction to the development of the three dimensional forms.

I have invented forms and processes over a period of twenty-five years that have become a personal vocabulary which I now rely upon.  This allows me to compose neckpieces in a variety of ways in the nexus series.  The geometric shapes of my designs are based on the idea of connection which results in a network of linear elements moving throughout the neckpiece.

My interest in historic jewelry led me to approach the basic form of the neckpiece in a traditional manner.  Two important characteristics of tradition are comfort to the wearer, and adornment of the body.  For me the piece should compliment the woman without over powering her personal beauty.

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Blue Water